Constructing a brand from scratch has always been my dream.

HERE was my opportunity.

A start up company with a brilliant idea was in need of a brand. Their wish was to bring farming downtown in major cities, with the help of high tech hydroponics, aeroponics and aquaponics growing systems. My wish was to create a whole new category of greens. One that felt revolutionary and modern, but at the same time, non-techie, wholesome and fresh.

HERE was the ideal name to help consumers immediately grasp just how local produce can be. Our tagline “grown right HERE”' is front and center on all packaging with space designated to stamp each bag with the exact date and even time of harvest. The skyline window not only exposes the gorgeous greens but also communicates their surprising urban origins. Recycled papers, twine, corrugated cardboard and hand drawn line art and font give HERE a modern but down-to-earth feel.